Saundra Duran


Saundra Duran takes care of all finances for NMJW and assists with the day-today planning and activity for NMJW. She is the primary contact.

Martin Gonzales

NMJW Vice-President

Martin is the the guy that make things happen at NMJW. He's the gut with the solutions to make NMJW successful in reaching out to the community and the student athletes. He is also the Bracketing manager for NMJW.

Chris Wright

NMJW Secretary

Chris takes care of all the logistics for NMJW and assists with the day-today planning for NMJW. He is another key member that ensures the success of NMJW.

Bernadette Marquez Clark

NMJW Board Member

Bernadette is a valued member of the NMJW board. She gives guidance direction and steers the Vision and Mission to ensue that NMJW stays focused on their charter for the community and student athletes.

Noel Reaves

NMJW Board Member

Richard Montoya

NMJW Board Member

Steve McCullough

NMJW Board Member

Craig Compton

NMJW Board Member

Loren Vigil

NM USA Director

Loren is the current Director of New Mexico's USA Wrestling. He is a long time supporter of NMJW and has currently developed a partnership with the league through USA Wrestling. He is the Director for the summer wrestling in Greco and Freestyle during the months of April through June.